Best Wine Tasting & Tours in Georgia

What can be a more interesting experience, than getting a wine tasting tour in Georgia - the birthplace of wine?!

Having a wine tasting tour in Georgia will take you through the history of winemaking. You will explore such an interesting topic as Qvevri is, or how the Soviet system affected the wine production in Georgia.

If you are planning to enjoy a wine tasting tour in Georgia, you will have to carefully choose where to go first and start looking for the best region for you. There are plenty of gorgeous spots for amazing wine tastings in Georgia spread from Kakheti to the east to Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi to the west and northwest of the country. All the great stops where you get wine tastings and tours in Georgia have their own story to tell, winemaking techniques, and unique wines to offer their guests.

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Full Day Private Wine Tour

Full Day Private Wine Tour

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Georgia Wine Tour

Georgia Wine Tour

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How to Reach Wine Tasting Experiences in Georgia

Wine tasting tours in Georgia are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air

Fly into one of the below-mentioned cities to enjoy the gorgeous vineyards and wine tours in Georgia

1) Tbilisi international airport provides international and domestic flights, every day. Turkish airlines provide 4-5 flights a day in Tbilisi.

2) Kutaisi International Airport connects Georgia with direct flights to Europe. The flights are mainly operated by Wizz Air.

3) Batumi international airport has direct flights from Tbilisi, Turkey or Europe, on a daily basis.

By Car

During your trip and wine tours in Georgia, you can easily drive from one place to another, using the tips below:

To visit the wineries in the Kakheti region, better to use the roads S5 or S42.

For Kartli wineries, you can use highway E60, which goes from Tbilisi through Gori and ends up in Batumi.

E60 will take you to Kutaisi as well to visit some of the best Imereti wineries.

To reach the Racha region, from Kutaisi you can take the road S17.

The E60 highway will take you to Samegrelo as well.

By Train

To get some of the best wine tasting tours in Georgia the local railway might assist you to travel from Tbilisi tp Batumi, however the Georgian railway system does not cover many areas of the country.

There is a train everyday from Tbilisi to Batumi, they offer a day and a night train that takes approximately 5 hours to cover the mileage.

There is a Soviet-style train from Kutaisi to Tbilisi too, however, the tickets are not sold online and should be purchased on the spot.

FAQ about Wine Tastings & Tours in Georgia

What are the best wine tastings in Georgia?

Among many amazing wine tasting tours in Georgia, you can find some recommended options here:
1. Giuaani would be a great stop in Kakheti.
2. Temi Community another nice stop in Kakheti.
3. Visit Wine Artisans to try some of the best Kartli wines.
4. In Racha-Lechkhumi, Khomlis Marani would be a great stop for a wine tour in Georgia.
5. In Imereti, visit the Makaridze Winery.

What kind of wine is made in Georgia?

During your wine tour in Georgia, you will get more detailed info about the local wines, however, we happily provide a brief introduction about the wines of Georgia.

Traditional wine is made in Qvevri - a clay amphora, buried underground. The Qvevri wine is always dry, has more tannins, and grape juice usually is fermented with the skin and stems.

European wines, as they call non-Qvevri wines in Georgia, can be fermented without skin contact and can be semi-sweet or semi-dry.

Red, white, sparkling, and icewine are common for Georgian viticulture.

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